Wind/Solar Services

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Wind/Solar Services

AUI is able to offer the Wind and Solar Power Industries an impressive team of construction professionals who are capable of providing turn-key services for all of your construction needs. Our ability to plan and fast-track our schedules, without compromising quality and safety, makes us a valuable choice for your project team.

The following information highlights our experience and interests in the Wind and Solar Power Industries.

AUI has the knowledge, experience, equipment, and people to ensure that we deliver the highest level of quality and service. Since 2006, when we built our first Renewable Energy project, AUI has worked on more than 2000 MW of Wind and Solar Energy installation throughout The United States.

Our culture and philosophy of building partnerships has enabled us to achieve our goal of building long-term relationships with repeat clients.

AUI and Industry Partners offer the following services:

Feasibility Study

  • Land optimization and site assessment
  • Project budgets
  • Financing
  • Regulatory work


  • Panel layout
  • Complete design
  • Performance analysis and guarantees


  • Permitting procurement
  • Environmental work
  • Site and soils investigation
  • Budget Estimating

Material Procurement

  • Purchase and management
  • Transportation, receiving and inspection
  • Inventory control and onsite logistics


  • Project management and scheduling
  • Site Grading
  • Foundation installation
  • Racking or tracker installation
  • Module installation
  • DC and AC collection system trenching

Quality Control and Assurance

AUI’s quality system ensures the highest levels of quality control and assurance on every project. Starting with competent, highly trained supervisors and craft personnel, our formal quality system ensures consistency in our approach, process, output, and long-term system reliability.

Our QA/QC initiatives include:

  • Detailed work instruction modules (WIM)
  • Timely benchmarking
  • Third-party testing and inspections
  • Internal auditing program
  • Daily collection and distribution of lessons learned
  • Dedicated QA/QC individuals on every project